Why a Written Contract Makes Sense

Having a written contract gives you control over your renovation or construction project, and is a good way to protect yourself and ensure long-term satisfaction.

Steps to Project Success

Working with a good contractor and a written contract will help ensure your building or renovation project goes smoothly — every step of the way. Learn how.

Get Informed Hire A Professional Get Control

Where can you find a reliable professional contractor? The Canadian Home Builders’ Association and its local and provincial associations all across Canada have online lists of member professional contractors that follow the best practices of Get it in Writing! Many locals also use the association’s Renomark program—looking for association and Renomark members is an easy was to identify professionals so you can renovate with confidence.

And of course, when you are looking to engage a contractor, ask around. Some of the best recommendations and references come from friends, family, co-workers and neighbours who have had positive experiences.

Be sure to ask them if the contractor provided everything in writing, lived up to expectations and delivered what was agreed to. If they had any issues with the contractor, find out how these were resolved and, most importantly, ask if they would hire the same contractor again.

Some ways of locating a professional contractor include:

Remember, even when you get a positive referral, you should still check the references and reputation of any contractor you are considering hiring, and ensure they abide by a professional code of conduct, such as those of a home builders’ association and Renomark.